Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Iranian Psychiatrists Attitudes to Psychosomatic Medicine: A Qualitative Content Analysis            0000-00-00
2    Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) Over the Left Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex in Working Memory of patients with Treatment-Resistant Major Depressive Disorder            0000-00-00
3    Effectiveness Mindfulness-Based Stress reducing symptoms of aggression, risky behavior, improve the quality of life of adolescent's orphaned boys    M.Sc.    nezam poor, reza    2015-02-24
4    the comparetive of effectivness emotional focused couple therapy and PAIRS training on control emotion and self-concious affect in married women    M.Sc.    amani, fatemeh    2015-05-12
5    The Effectiveness of a Cognitive Bias Modification – Interpretation (CBM-I) on Reducing Interpretation Bias & Anxiety Sensitivity    M.Sc.    Shojaei, Maryam    2015-05-26
6    The Effectiveness of Skills for Academic and Social Success (SASS) on Social Anxiety Symptoms among University Students    M.Sc.    mohamadian, mahboobeh    2015-05-26
7    Pre-marriage relationships through web-based social networks (A qualitative research)    M.Sc.    adabi zo, naeime    2015-05-26
8    The Effectiveness of Group Emotional Schema Therapy on BMI, Emotional Eating, Weight Efficacy Life Style on Women With Excessive Weight    M.Sc.    rezaee, malihe    2015-06-09
9    The Effectiveness of reality group therapy in improvement of psychological solidarity feeling and differentiation of self in women    M.Sc.    zanganeh ebrahimi, mahin    2015-06-16
10    The Study of Prevalence ,Psychological, Social Relationship and Executive Function of Adults with Symptoms of Sluggish Cognitive Tempo    M.Sc.    amirzadeh, fereshteh    2015-11-10
11    Effectiveness of the Program of Inhibition Training on Improvement of Cognitive Functions and Impulsiveness in Students of Ferdowsi university of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Mohammadi Yekta, Fateme    2015-11-24
12    The role of cognitive control processes (working memory, inhibition, task switching) with mediating self-control in prediction of extramarital relationship    Ph.D    khorramabadi, razieh    2016-02-23
13    The effectiveness of Group Hope therapy on Improving useing of Coping Strategies , increasing General Health and Hope on Mothers of Children whit Muscular Dystrophy    M.Sc.    siami, mohaddeseh    2016-03-08
14    The effectiveness of positive group therapy on psycological capitals,anxiety,stress and depression in drop-out weman    M.Sc.    Ali Akbari Shandiz, Asieh    2016-03-08
15    Migraine: A Multisensory Integrating Disorder and the Application of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation in the Process of Pain    M.Sc.    Rahimi, Mohammad Dawood    2016-05-10
16    Reviewing Alpha Waves Synchronization in Divergent and Convergent Thinking    M.Sc.    Azar, Emad    2016-05-10
17    Compare of the Executive functioning, Emotional regulation and Quality of sleep in the Opioid dependent patients with Methadone and Buprenorphine treated programs    M.Sc.    madanifard, mahdi    2016-05-24
18    comparison of executive functions in people with obsessive – compulsive disorder and people with hording disorder    M.Sc.    zolfaghari, hamid    2016-05-24
19    The Effectiveness of Forgiveness Therapy on Resiliency and Emotional expressiveness Among women Damaged by Extramarital relationship    M.Sc.    pakravan, fariba    2016-05-24
20    Interaction between visual attention and visual working memory: retro - cue benefit in retrieval information and protect from visual interference    M.Sc.    khosravi, saeede    2016-05-24
21    The effectiveness of group motivational interviewing in reducing emotional eating and anxiety in obese patients: the moderator role of impulsiveness    M.Sc.    Rabbaani paarsaa, Mohammad javaad    2016-11-15
22    Compare of statistical representation of facial expression emotion in depressed and normal individuals    M.Sc.    yaghobi, ali    2016-11-15
23    The effectiveness of mindfulness-based stress reduction on selective attention, inhibition and working memory and academic achievement    M.Sc.    zaghani, Fatemeh    2016-11-15
24    cognitive, emotional and neuropsychological indices of generalized anxiety disorder: effectiveness of unified transdiagnostic treatment with and without transcranial direct current stimulation    Ph.D    nasiri, farzad    2017-03-11
25    : Envy, Neuroticism, Self-restraint/ Inhibition, Self-organization/problem-solving, Emotional self-regulation, Working memory    M.Sc.    sabori, saeede    2017-04-18
26    Comparison of the Role of Unpleasant Stimuli during Morphine Dependency Induction on Morphine Seeking Behavior in Socially Isolated and Normal Mice    M.Sc.    Kheirkhah, Mohammad Taghi    2017-04-18
27    Effectiveness of group emotional schema therapy on reducing headache attacks and improving cognitive-emotional regulation strategies in women with migraine    M.Sc.    shahsavani, sahar    2017-04-25
28    the role of parents interaction patterns in obsessive-compulsive disorder in iranian culture    Ph.D    goli, ehsan    2017-05-06
29    The mediating role of sense of coherence in the relationship between attachment and alexithymia    M.Sc.    gharibzadeh, zobeide    2017-05-16
30    Comparison of educational tasks based on exploratory learning in the framework of the cognitive education model with the traditional method in teaching sewing design    M.Sc.    noghabi, raha    2017-05-16
31    Study of Ngative emotion on spatial working memory and electrophysiological charactristics in wemon with high emotional intelligence    M.Sc.    kazemi, kowsar    2017-06-07
32    Effectiveness of mindfulness based cognitive therapy ( MBCT ) on reducing externalizing problems and improving attentional function in adolescents with attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder    M.Sc.    Ashofteh pour, Niloufar    2017-06-13
33    Investigating the role of neuroticism, emotional regulation, behavioral inhibition system and sensory processing sensitivity in functional dyspepsia and comparing the effectiveness of Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and cogntive-behavioral therapy on reducing the symptoms of functional dyspepsi    Ph.D    firoozehmoghaddam, sara    2017-06-14
34    The effectiveness of Wells' metacognition therapy on rumination and thought control of scrupulous obsession patients    M.Sc.    javadikia, mahdieh    2017-07-04
35    The effect of visual filed on the performance and learning of the Table Tennis Forehand and visual search skill    Ph.D    heidari, mehdi    2017-07-09
36    The effects of sleep, type of instructions and motor sequence structure in retention and transfer of motor task: Motor memory consolidation in children    Ph.D    Iranmanesh, Hamideh    2017-07-09
37    Effectiveness of cognitive-emotional regulation intervention on decreasing rumination, depression and maladaptive strategies of cognitive regulation of excitement of depressed women exposed to suicide attempt    M.Sc.    karbasi, tina    2017-09-12
38    Forgiveness, executive functions and emotion regulation: Designing and performing a neuropsychological treatment of forgiveness oriented protocol focused on executive functions in extramarital relationship    Ph.D    Etemadi, Afsaneh    2017-10-24
39    Study of Ngative emotion on spatial working memory and electrophysiological charactristics in men with high emotional intelligence    M.Sc.    kamel attar kar, iman    2017-11-26
40    The effectiveness of practical intimate relationship skills(PAIRS) training based on self-disclosure, guilt Feelings, and fear of intimacy on distress couples    M.Sc.    Oliyaie, Hossein    2017-11-28
41    Study of Electrical Activity (Asymmetry) in EEG Alpha and Beta Bands during Emotion Recognition Under the induction of music base on Valence-Arousal Model Regarding the Trait Anxiety.    M.Sc.    mortaz hejri, iman    2017-12-12
42    Effectiveness of cognitive rehabilitation on executive functions of Ischemic stroke patients    M.Sc.    Ghorbani Moghaddam, Afagh    2017-12-12
43    Examining attention necessity for phenomenal consciousness in iconic memory using stroop paradigm    M.Sc.    afzalinia, mehdi    2018-02-06
44    The Effectiveness of Mindfulness- Based Cognitive Therapy on Improving the Working Memory, Inhibition and Cognitive Flexibility in Individuals with Generalized Anxiety Disorder    M.Sc.    azam rajabian, Ali    2018-03-08
45    The Study of Autobiographical memory Difficulties in Children with Autistic spectrum Disorder    M.Sc.    Jafarizaveh, Sepideh    2018-03-13
46    Comparison of Solution-focused and Supportive counselling based on Self-compassion on Control of behavior and Emotional, Social and Educational Adjustment for Street children    M.Sc.    Razmgar, Mahsa    2018-03-13
47    The effectiveness of psychodrama on emotional expression, interpersonal relationships and the quality of life of married women    M.Sc.    Etemadi, Mehri    2018-04-24
48    The Relationship between Executive Function with Internalizing Symptoms, Processing Speed and Academic Functioning in the Children with Learning Disorders: The Mediator Effect of Sluggish Cognitive Tempo    M.Sc.    robatifiroozehchi, zeinab    2018-05-22
49    The effectiveness of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) on body image,sexual satisfaction and fear of intimacy in suffering from scleroderma    M.Sc.    sarkhosh, mona    2018-05-22
50    working memory whithout consciousnes;assessing event-related brain potential    M.Sc.    golsoomiyan, Mohammad    2018-05-22
51    Synergistic role of anxiety sensitivity, emotional order and resilience in the emergence of psychological problems of firefighters: Comparison of the effectiveness of integrated diagnostic fetal therapy with acceptance and commitment therapy    Ph.D    kalantar, gholam abbas    2018-06-09
52    Determining the structural model of marital trust using attachment styles with mediating psychological security and emotional literacy    M.Sc.    Mokari, ّFarzaneh    2018-06-12
53    Appraisal processing and Hostility Attribution Bias in Impulsive Aggression in children with Externalize disorders    M.Sc.    borhani nia, mina    2018-06-12
54    Investigation of venrgence (eye movement) as an objective marker for the diagnosis of ADHD children using eye tracing    M.Sc.    LALI, SAMANEH    2018-06-12
55    Emotional dysregulation and children anxiety: Effectiveness of combination of emotional socialization training and family accommodation corrected on improvement of emotional dysregulation, anxiety and functional outcomes    Ph.D    Hassanzadeh, Maryam    2018-06-30